"My wife and I are both thrilled with the results, and everyone who sees it has been very impressed " - K.B., Dimondale, Michigan

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Customers' Small Pole-Barn, Garage and Workshop Plans

Are you thinking of building an unusual structure as your new backyard barn, garage, hobby shop, small animal shelter or country store? Architect Don Berg's small pole-barn and pole-frame garage blueprints are all designed to be easily modified to fit your needs. Scroll down this page to see a few of the beautiful little buildings that customers and their contractors created with the help of Don's plans.

"We ordered plans from you of your Ashokan Barn design. It was built over the winter, painted this past Spring and landscaped last summer.  We get many compliments...it is a structure that demands both your respect and admiration.  We absolutely love it!" - C. and E.B - Middlebury, Connecticut

Click on the photos to learn more, to see what the original stock plans look like and to find out how to start on your own custom barn, garage, workshop, studio or...whatever.

The Candlewood Mini-Barn, built in Overbrook, Kansas from plans by architect Don Berg

This Candlewood Mini Barn was built in Overbrook,  Kansas to store a couple of small tractors and garden tools. The owner added a fantastic lookout cupola.


How about your own hobby barn? This one was built for an old tractor, a classic Triumph sports car and an ATV. But, yours could be an art studio, wood shop, crafts barn, backyard office or, whatever. Inexpensive stock plans for the Woodbury Pole Barn are available at BackroadHome.net

The Woodbury Barn/Garage - The owner/builder of this great hobby barn in the mountains of North Carolina mirrored the original design and added deep roof overhangs and a pretty cupola.


The Candlewood mini-barn can be built as a garage, workshop, shed or all-purpose backyard barn. This pretty lawn tractor shed in Washington state was built with cedar sidingand a cedar shingle roof, on a stone foundation.

Candlewood Tractor Shed  The Candlewood mini-barn can be built as a garage, workshop, shed or all-purpose backyard barn. This pretty lawn tractor shed in Washington state was built on a stone foundation and with one fewer door than usual.


The Battenkill Barn - Inexpensive stock plans are available for this one-car or one-tractor barn. The design is flexible enough for a bunch of uses. This one, in Vermont, is being used to shelter sheep and to store hay.

Battenkill Barn - Our little car and tractor barn was converted into this sheep barn in Rupert, Vermont.


A Vermont Workshop - Stock plans for the Ashokan Pole Barn were customized by the owner to create this beautiful country wood shop.

This workshop in Perkinsville, Vermont looks just like the standard two-car version of the Ashokan Barn. But the owner/builder made some pretty dramatic changes. He used the exterior design only and changed his building to conventional stud-frame construction on a monolithic slab.


Candlewood Barn The owners of Edwards Apple Orchard in Poplar Grove, Illinois built this Candlewood Barn with a steeper-than-standard roof a custom cupola and pens for their pet goats.


The owner built this new Ashokan Barn in Utah and treated the wood with weathering oil to make it look aged. A neighbor liked it so much that he is building his own. Inexpensive stock plans are available at BackroadHome.net

This is the only Ashokan Barn in Hollaway, Utah...At least for now. The owner built this new barn and treated the wood with weathering oil to make it look aged. A neighbor liked it so much that he is building his own.


An Alabama Barn at Sunset - Here's architect Don Berg's Woodbury Barn for two cars or tractors, with a workshop and loft. Inexpensive building plans can be purchased at BackroadHome.net

Woodbury Barn - Here's a fairly standard Woodbury pole-barn built in Alabama by a talented photographer.


Candlewood Shed - Here's a mirrored version of the standard Candlewood Mini-Barn plans, used as a lawn tractor shed in Middletown, New York.


This beautiful little gift shop was built with the help of architect Don Berg's stock Ashokan Barn Plans. Click to see other examples used as garages, workshops and studios.

The Ashokan Barn was designed as a garage and workshop in the Catskill mountains. This builder used the basic structure to create this beautiful little gift shop.


Learn how a Michigan market gardener built this little all-purpose barn himself, from plans by architect Don Berg.

Candlewood Mini-Barn  Here's what the standard Candlewood Barn should look like. A blog article shows one man's construction progress for this little barn on a flower farm in northern Michigan. Take a look at Building My Small Barn on the Thin Man's Blog to check out the step-by-step process of building this little pole barn.


The Almond Valley Barn in California. This is one of dozens of economical pole barns that can be built from architect Don Berg's stock building plans.

See More Custom Designs  Don Berg's larger pole-barn plans and big pole-frame country garage blueprints have been used as retail stores, homes, lumber mills, workshops, automobile collectors' garages, artists' studios and more. Every owner and builder made choices of options, finishes and colors to make their buildings unique. Some have added features that have transformed them into unique custom designs.



Add Your Photos Here - If you've built a barn, garage or workshop from any of Don Berg's plans, please email snapshots to: editor@backroadhome.net


Ashokan Barn  - How nice can a small barn get? This two-car version of our little pole-barn was built, in Humbolt, Iowa, with stone facing and arched, coach-house doors.


A West Virginia Gardener's Potting Shed - The owner took stock plans for the Candlewood Mini Barn and added a shady porch and greenhouse windows to create this beautiful custom design. The same plans are available to help you build your dream hobby shop, crafts barn, backyard studio or, whatever.

Candlewood Shed - This beautiful gardener's potting shed in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, is the stock Candlewood mini-Barn with an added porch and a bunch of extra windows.


A Combination Garage, Shed and Loft Office - This customized version of  the Cold Spring Barn was built in Wisconsin from inexpensive, stock pole-barn plans by architect Don Berg.

Cold Spring Barn  This pretty little Wisconsin barn added a sheltering roof area and a finished loft to our standard plans. You can see the loft before and after it was converted into a home office.


A Log-Sided Country Garage - This customized version of Don Berg's Ashokan Barn design is the garage for a log home in the woods of Alabama. Building plans are available for $35.00 at BackroadHome.net

Here's what the little Ashokan Barn looks like with log siding. It's the garage of a pretty log cabin in the woods near Alexandria, Louisiana.


A Vermont Apple Orchard Barn - This little pole barn shelters a small tractor and apple orchard tools and supplies. It is a slightly customized version of the Cold Spring Barn, designed by architect Don Berg. Stock plans are available for $35.00 at BackroadHome.net

Cold Spring Barn - This little tractor barn, set in an apple orchard in northern Vermont was built with extra windows, a roofed shelter and finishes that matched old barns in the area.


Sometimes a beautiful building site can make just about any building look good. But, the steep roof of this Ashokan Barn, under construction in Georgetown, California seems just right for its mountainside location.  Stock plans are available for $35.00 from architect Don Berg.

Sometimes a beautiful building site can make just about any building look good. But, the steep roof of this Ashokan Barn, under construction in Georgetown, California seems just right for its mountainside location.


The Ashokan Barn is part of this perfect country homestead in Maine. Stock plans for the little pole barn are available from architect Don Berg.

Here's what looks like the perfect country place, in Blanchard, Maine. We're glad that our Ashokan Barn is part of it.


This new barn was sided with weathered boards to make it look like it had been on it's site forever. It is a combination workshop, garage and picnic porch. You can find plans, with the options and layout you need, at BackroadHome.net

Chestnut Barn - This backyard storage barn in Chuckey, Tennessee is a standard Chestnut Barn with the optional side shelter and workshop that come with the drawings. The builder finished it with creative weathered board siding and doors.


Plain or Fancy, the Chestnut Horse Barn Plans might be what you and your horses need. Stock plans let you build the little barn with a hay loft, 2, 3 or 4 stalls and optional grooming shelters, run-ins, garage, tack room and shop.

Chestnut Hill Horse Barn - The graceful custom doors and archways of this little barn in Boxboro Massachusetts open to horse stalls, a workshop and a loafing shed.


This Kansas Flower Shop, that was featured in Mother Earth News Magazine, is a custom version of architect Don Berg's Chestnut Pole-Barn Plan. Click to see how dozens of builders have created their own unique retail shops, barns, garages, workshops, offices, studios and sheds with the help of Don's plans.

Chestnut Barn Plans - Our three-stall horse barn was built as a retail flower shop on a market farm in  Lawrence, Kansas. This building was featured in Mother Earth News Magazine.


Ashokan Barn  This little barn, set in a pretty Connecticut landscape,  differs from the standard design only by the pitch of its roof. That's an easy change that many builders do to match the roof angle of a home or other buildings on the property.


Architect Don Berg's little Candlewood Barn, customized as a garage and ATV shelter. Click to read more about Don's stock plans.

Candlewood Garage  The standard Candlewood Mini-Barn has a garage door on it's eave side and a small shed opposite that. The builder of this little barn, in Brenham, Texas, put doors on the shed to create a perfect size ATV garage.



"Everyone loves our barn, and comments on how it brings back the ole days of real barns." - A.S., Maryland

"Actually this plan order is for a second barn. I built the Ashokan barn on my property from a plan I purchased from you a year or so ago. It's an amazing little jewel and I get so many complements on it. ..... My neighbor asked me to get plans for him because he wants to build the barn on his property." -  R.W. , Holladay, UT

Have all blueprints reviewed by your building department or by an experienced building professional who knows local conditions, before you purchase or start to build. These plans may have to be modified by a local professional to suit your site's building code and weather requirements.


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