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Customers' Country Garage Plans

Architect Don Berg's simple pole-frame garage blueprints are planned for easy modifications. Here are just a few of the wonderful garages that customers and their contractors created with the help of Don's plans.

"Your system of being able to add on to your structures later is brilliant and your designs are great." - J.J., Sebastopol, California

Click on the photos to learn more, to see what the original designs look like and to find out how to start on your own custom barn, garage, workshop, studio or...whatever.

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Country Garage Plans by architect Don Berg -  Check out builders's photos of barn-style pole-frame garages from Don's inexpensive stock blueprints.

Ashokan Garage - This little barn-style garage, set in a pretty Connecticut landscape,  differs from the standard design only by the pitch of its roof. That's an easy change that many builders do to match the roof angle of a home or other buildings on the property.


This customized version of the Bethany Country Garage was built in Colorado. Inexpensive plans, by architect Don Berg are available at BackroadHome.net

Bethany Garage - This pole-frame garage has a wider dormer and deeper roof overhangs than the standard design - just right for Colorado's snows. The owner also added a dormer at back and created living space in the loft.


The Walnut Coach House is a Carriage House style four-car garage with a full loft and an optional workshop at the back. It's one of fifteen different layouts that come in architect Don Berg's inexpensive Walnut Pole Barn plan set at BackroadHome.net

From the front, this Marshfield, Missouri garage looks just like the standard Walnut Coach House. But, look around back and you'll see that the owner added the optional back shed for more storage and an extra drive-thru garage door.


A Down-East Country Garage - The Bethany Garage, from stock pole-frame plans by architect Don Berg, looks great in the Maine woods.

Bethany Garage - Like this homeowner in Maine, many builders choose to match the finishes and details of their homes on their new pole-barns and garages.


Here's a customized version of the Walnut Coach House, constructed in Maryland. The builder used open shelters instead of garages on either side of the main building.


How about your own hobby barn? This one was built for an old tractor, a classic Triumph sports car and an ATV. But, yours could be an art studio, wood shop, crafts barn, backyard office or, whatever. Inexpensive stock plans for the Woodbury Pole Barn are available at BackroadHome.net

The Woodbury Barn/Garage - The owner/builder of this great hobby barn in the mountains of North Carolina mirrored the original design and added deep roof overhangs and a pretty cupola.


Here's a combination garage, shed and workshop in upstate New York. It's just one of fifteen  different layouts that you can build from the $59.00 Walnut Pole-Barn plan set by architect Don Berg

This combination garage, shed and workshop is a mirrored version of the Walnut Woods Barn, built in Henrietta, New York.


The Almond Valley Barn in California. This is one of dozens of economical pole barns that can be built from architect Don Berg's stock building plans.

See more custom design photos. Don Berg's pole-barn plans and pole-frame country garage blueprints have been used to help build retail stores, homes, horse barns, lumber mills, workshops, automobile collectors' garages, artists' studios and more. Every owner and builder made choices of options, finishes and colors to make their buildings special. Some have added features that have transformed them into unique custom designs. Check out more builders' photos: Mini-Barns, Small Barns, Pole-Barns, Horse Barns, Country Garages, Workshops



A Country Garage with a Potting Shed - Architect Don Berg's inexpensive stock plans include stairs to a big storage loft and an optional garage, carport, shed or workshop for the side opposite the potting shed. Click to check out photos of more country garages.

Walnut Gardener's Garage - The builder of this perfect country garage in Oxford, Ohio added a sheltering roof overhang and a stone base. The stock plans include the big potting shed shown, stairs up to a storage loft and an optional additional shed-roofed garage or tractor shed on the left side.


MG Roadster Barn - The inexpensive, stock Applewood Pole Barn Plans were designed to be adaptable. The owner of this Ontario example built one add-on extension to shelter two classic MG roadsters. You can find plans and kits for your car barn, garage or coach house at BackroadHome.net

Applewood Car Barn - The owner/builder of this car barn in Baldrson, Ontario owns two tiny classic MG roadsters. They don't need full garage spaces, so he extended the standard shed-roof side garage by two feet and built two sets of small doors for them.


Here's a stone-sided, customized version of the Ashokan Country Garage. It was built from $25.00 stock, post-frame plans by architect Don Berg. Read more about the plans and see other versions of Ashokan barns, garages and workshops at BackroadHome.net

Ashokan Car Barn  - How nice can a country garage get? This two-car version of our little pole-frame car barn was built, in Humbolt, Iowa, with stone facing and arched, coach-house doors.


This Connecticut backyard barn is just one of dozens of different design that come with architect Don Berg's inexpensive Maple Barn, Garage and Workshop pole-frame construction plan set.

This Connecticut Maple Garage  has an extra side garage on the right and an open shelter or carport on the left. The standard construction plans include a variety of add-ons that fit on either side or across the back.


This big, post-frame country garage was built from the inexpensive Walnut Barn, Garage and Workshop plan set by architect Don Berg. Copies are available at BackroadHome.net

Walnut Garage  This big country garage is the standard design, customized with overhead doors, a side carport, a cupola and finishes to match the other buildings on the property.


This custom Craftsman-Style four-car garage, in British Columbia was crafted with the help of inexpensive stock pole-barn plans by architect Don Berg.

Walnut Coach House  The owner/builder of this beautiful Craftsman style garage in Victoria, British Columbia added deep roof overhangs to the standard design, used trusses instead of conventional rafters and used cedar siding and fantastic custom doors.


This big country garage was built from inexpensive stock pole-barn plans by architect Don Berg. Read about custom versions that are used as barns, carriage houses, workshops and studios.

Here's a Walnut Three-Car Garage. The builder used the standard plans and added an optional additional garage on one side.


Here's an economical solution to sheltering vehicles. The Maple garage is an econoical post-frame structure with a bonus storage loft. Optional side expsnsion sheds include garages, workshops, storage sheds and the open carports shown here. Plans are $59.00 from architect Don Berg

Here's an economical way to shelter vehicles. This Maple Garage was built with two carports instead of closed-in garages.


The Walnut Barn, Garage and Workshop plan set includes a 24'x24' main building with a loft. Drawings for a variety of shed-roof additions for either side or across the back let builders customize their structure to meet their needs. Prints are available for $59.00 at BackroadHome.net

The Walnut Barn, Garage and Workshop plan set includes a 24'x24' main building with a loft. Drawings for a variety of shed-roof additions for either side or across the back let builders customize their structure to meet their needs.



Add Your Photos Here - If you've built a barn, garage or workshop from any of Don Berg's plans, please email snapshots to: editor@backroadhome.net



"My work on the barn is coming along just fine. I'm nearing completion. The building inspector was by yesterday and was quite impressed with the overall strength of the structure. In fact, he said, (and I quote) "This is the best barn in Clarence." B.S., Clarence, New York

"Everyone loves our barn, and comments on how it brings back the ole days of real barns." - A.S., Maryland

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