Building Plans 101 Affiliates



Since 2009,, and have been supported by a variety of websites selling our plans through's affiliate program. We're grateful for that support and for the great customers that they referred to us.

Unfortunately, some affiliates have promoted our plans with exaggerated claims that can only lead to disappointed customers. Because of that, we've had to revise our affiliate program to allow the plans to be sold only on building-related websites and only with accurate descriptions of our offerings.

If you are an existing ClickBank affiliate and want to continue selling our plans, please contact us with your web site's address and with your ClickBank ID. We'll review your sales records, compensate you for any lost sales and offer you a new affiliate agreement aimed at the same commissions that you enjoyed with ClickBank.

For more information, please contact Don Berg at Or, call 516 766-5585, 9:00 AM Through 5:00 PM Eastern Time, Mondays through Fridays.